Yes Signature Massage

Pamper yourself from head-to-toe with a full-body Swedish Massage from one of our expert therapists! Just ask them to focus on your problem areas and you’ll feel better in no time!

    1 hr. $80.00

    1.5 hr. $120.00

    2 hrs. $160.00

Yes Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Deep tissue massages can get to the root of many of your aches and pains by moving fascia, increasing circulation, and mobilizing joints. If you have stubborn pain, or work out and just feel achey, this is the massage for you!

    1 hr. $90.00

    1.5 hr. $135.00

    2 hrs. $180.00

Hot Oil Scalp Massage (45 minutes)

This is the perfect treat! An emollient mixture of oils is warmed to the perfect temperature, then applied to your hair and scalp with a delightful head massage. Then we wrap your head, face, and shoulders with hot towels before we massage your neck and traps. This is not to be missed!


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Chakra Balancing and Energy Work

A combination of energy work modalities and traditional medicine techniques help to clear you of negative influences, helping you to sleep better and feel less anxious, and to help your energies find balance and strength. We’re one of the only places offering this treatment!


Kundalini Herbal Spine Treatment (45 minutes)

A combination of five herbs is applied to your spinal column, each one helping to vitalize and nourish the five lower chakras while at the same time relieving tension around each vertebra. The treatment is topped off with opening the Windows of the Sky points in the head and neck, helping you to feel open and connected to your surroundings, increasing memory, and helping you sleep better.


Three Herbal Boluses

Choose from three herbal formulas placed into a bolus (a small linen wrapped poultice), which are steamed and used to massage away knots and tension.

Relaxation- a blend of lavender, rose, calendula, and raspberry leaf to help relieve stress and ease sore tissues.

Vitalizing- the scent of freshly steamed lemongrass, orange and lemon peel, eucalyptus help to keep you bright and alert while you relax.

Relieving- St. John’s Wort, White Willow, cinnamon, and chamomile create an aromatic symphony to help relieve tension and pain.


Salt and Sugar Scrub (15 minutes)

We will exfoliate your arms, shoulders, and back with a mixture of epsom salt and organic sugar to open your pores, get rid of dead, dry skin, move lymph, and increase circulation. If you’re feeling a little under the weather, or just want to have skin like silk, this is a great option!


Hot Stone Treatment

Nothing gets to those hard to deal with knots like a hot stone massage. We heat smooth stones to just the right temperature and use them to massage your entire body, melting knots and aches away. We also let hot stones rest on achy joints and in the palms of your hands. You will feel better than you have in a very long time!


Hot Oil Scalp Treatment (15 minutes)

At the end of your massage we will apply our signature oil blend, warmed to perfection, to your hair and scalp before we wrap your head and face in hot towels. Your hair will feel softer than ever and you will be beyond relaxed!


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​Cancellation Policy: You will need to have a credit card handy to book your appointment as you will be charged 50% of your full service price if you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours before your appointment time. If you call to make an appointment and do not cancel at least a day in advance, 50% of your service price will be added on to your next service.


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